When you look, it may appear that God is not there. Non-existent. Unaware of how He is involved in the things happening around you. We focus on the void. In searching for God and with the help of others, we begin to recognize Him and see the brilliance of His presence around us. Connections are more evident - we see how the past is shaping the future. Those who know can show others. We see the light of His provision in the darkest times, guiding us to where He is moving.

Once you discover where God is working, you cannot unsee it.


At NTS Camp, we believe you shouldn't have to miss important moments with your students to plan or execute your camp experience. So, don't worry about creating schedules, filling dodgeballs, planning meals, or any other mundane task. When you come to NTS Camp you focus on your students.















Planning your own camp experience is draining.  Before loading the students up and leaving, you are exhausted.  When all the planning and preparation is off your plate, you have the opportunity to show up energized, ready to focus solely on your students.


When you are fully present with your students, you get to engage in the same moments as your students–playing games, eating meals, leading a small group, and experiencing life changing decisions. Being fully engaged during a week of camp is crucial for your youth ministry.


Your youth ministry team will be given tools to increase your effectiveness as leaders of students. Learn from seasoned ministry leaders, through intentional times of training and encouragement.  When you leave, you will be more equipped to leverage the camp momentum to further your ministry.

What Makes NTS Camp Unique?

Every element of NTS Camp is created and executed with intentionality to further YOUR work with YOUR students.

Worship Environments

The Morning and Evening Sessions are where students and adults are invited to meet with God through high production programming, musical worship, and solid biblical teaching.  Evening Sessions are centered around the current camp theme, each with a daily focus.  The Morning Sessions are focused, in-depth, and interactive teachings split up for middle and high school students separately.


At NTS Camp, the activity time is anything, but ordinary.  This is one of the best chances for Youth Pastors and small group leaders to connect with their students.  Whether it's hard work, teamwork, and hype at Team Comps, leadership, cooperation, and determination at Open Rec, or community, fun, and dancing at Club NTS, there are plenty of opportunities to invest valuable time.

Local Church

Everything done at NTS Camp is about empowering the Local Church.  This is shown in three main areas:

  1. NTS Camp will pay for your adult leaders to attend camp (within a 10:1 student-to-adult ratio).
  2. NTS Camp provides resources and training for Youth Pastors and adult leaders at camp.
  3. NTS creates ample space for small groups to thrive and build relationships.

“I spent the first few years of ministry spending months planning and preparing for camp. By the time camp started, I was exhausted. The entire week of camp, I found myself being tied up troubleshooting the problems at camp and the execution of the week. My students got very little of my time and attention. NTS Camp has a team of CAMP PROFESSIONALS that focus year-round on camp for me. I show up with my students to camp energized, with my only responsibility to invest in my students, and NTS even develops me and my adult volunteers.”

Derik Idol

Professor at LU and Director of the Center for Youth Ministry


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*Dates and locations are subject to change

Indiana 1

Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana
June 11 - 15

Indiana 2

Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana
June 19 - 23


Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
June 26 - 30

New York

Houghton University
Houghton, New York
July 9 - 13

South Carolina

Southern Wesleyan University
Central, South Carolina
July 16 - 20

Great Plains

Dordt University
Sioux Center, Iowa
July 24 - 28

What Do We Believe?

NTS Camp exists to see TRANSFORMATION in the lives of students, PREPARATION for youth ministries, and CONNECTION that synergizes youth ministries and their church.

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